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Why Jupiter is the most auspicious planet ?

Why Jupiter is the most auspicious planet ?

In the solar cabinet, Jupiter is considered as the minister and in solar system the 5th planet.

From the astronomical point of view, the magnetic field of Jupiter is so strong that, it diverts the directions of asteroid coming towards Earth or other inner planets. It is called as the vacuum cleaner of solar system. The astrological point of view as well as the astronomy says that, Jupiter is the natural protector of the living organisms.

Jupiter rules over Sagittarius and Pisces in the Zodiac, which is the 9th and 12th sign of the Rashi Chakra. The ninth house represents the spirituality, religion, luck and twelfth house is the house of temple, donation, ashram, contemplation, salvation. So, Jupiter is responsible for living an auspicious life with righteous path.

Jupiter gets exalted in Cancer sign, which is ruled by Moon, which is the 4th house of KaalPurush Chart & fourth house represents happiness, comfort, house, property. Which indicates, a benefic Jupiter in the chart is capable of providing all the happiness, joy to the native.

Jupiter gets the directional strength in 1st house. 1st house or the ascendant indicates intellect, thought process, nature, it means a good Jupiter in chart can bless all the tremendous qualities with good health.

Jupiter is the significator of 2nd,5th,7th,9th,11th house. When Jupiter is well placed in chart, it can bless with all the mentioned houses, ie 2nd house is savings, 11th house is gain, 5th house is children, 9th house is luck and 7th house is spouse in case of female and good marital life in case of male. So, when most of the relevant houses are covered by Jupiter, it makes the life easy which means happy-go-lucky.

It the scripts, it is mentioned that the aspect of Guru is like rain of nectar. And Jupiter has 3 aspects that is 5th ,7th and 9th aspect. Guru being the Significator of 5 houses and the aspected houses are also getting purified, is a clear indication that most of the houses are controlled and starts giving good results in a chart.

The placement of Jupiter in any Kendra house is always welcome, because it rectifies multiple doshas in the chart. And when Jupiter is placed in the Ascendant, it blesses the native with immense knowledge and all the attributes of 1st house with positive aspect.

The placement of Jupiter in Trines are also considered superb, as from the 5H it aspects 1H,11H,9H and from 9H it aspects 1H,3H,5H. So from both the angles, it is beneficial and makes the ease of earning and good spiritual bliss.

Jupiter transits from one zodiac sign to another in 1 year and around all the zodiac in 12Years. So, in the constellation, when Jupiter is placed in benefic house with respect to any sign, it can bless with all the significance for continuously one year, which is another matter to be considered.

A well-placed Jupiter in the chart, irrespective of the lordship can make the life easy, blissful, joyful, comfortable and give the path of righteousness. When package of all the attributes are under the domain of one planet, it is obvious that, Jupiter is crowned as the Most Auspicious planet.


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