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What is Atmakarak planet?


Atmakaraka in astrology


Atmakarak concept is mostly adopted from Jamini Astrology, but Sage Parasara has also mentioned about the 7 karakas in BPHS. Maharshi Jamini has vastly elaborated about the 7 Karakas in the birth chart, that is AtmaKarak, AmatyaKarak, BhatruKarak, MatruKarak, PutraKarak,GnyatiKarak and DaraKarak and these are defined the descending order of degrees occupied. The word “Atmakarak” is described by its name, ie “Atma” means “the Soul” and Karaka means “the Significator”, and combinedly it is the Soul Significator. Maharshi Jamini has given more value to AtmaKarak Planet than the Ascendant Lord, it will be more helpful if anyone follows Jamini Astrology.

How to identify Atmakarak:

There are so many confusions to identify the AatmaKarak planet, and some consider the highest degree planet as AK without considering any exception, which leads to wrong prediction.
The planet possesses the highest degree in the chart is the Atma Karak planet. Now question may arise, if two or more than two planets acquire the same degree, for example if Saturn,Moon and Mars all have the same degree as 25 and that is the highest degree in the chart, how to identify the AK.
For this situation, Sage Jamini has clear instruction to consider Rahu as the AtmaKarakPlanet for the chart. When Rahu and Ketu both will have same degree, questions may arise, why we do not consider Ketu? Answer will be, Ketu is the MokshKarak and can’t be Atmakarak. This is the condition, when there more than two planets highest degree.
Another situation arises, when exactly two planets have the same degree and both are eligible for the role of Atmakarak, at that time check the fraction value of the planets. The lowest one among the two will be the Atmakarak and the highest degree planet will be the AmatyaKarak.
Third situation may occur, when 2 planets have highest degree in the birth chart but the shadow planet Rahu has higher degree than these two, at that condition, it will be very simple to consider Rahu as the AtmaKaraka and the bodily planets will be considered as AmatyaKarak and Bhatrikarak according to their degrees.

What is Atmakarak planet:

As described before, the Atmakarak planet is the soul significator, which means this is the planet which rules your soul and has promise to give the experience what the soul wants to experience in this birth. During the Dasha of AK planet, the soul in the form of the Native will experience all the events, activities, happiness or sorrowness or fear, which is directly related to PurvaPunya and Praravdha. Now, questions may arise, does the Soul want to experience pain, sorrow in this birth or to experience a painful life? And answer is “YES”, the soul wants to repay for his deeds of previous Karmas and that experiences will be displayed by the AtmaKarak.

Why Atmakaraka planet is so important:

Just like in Parasari Jyotish, the Rajyog concept is also repeated here in Jamini Astrology and Atmakaraka plays a vital role to form any Rajyog.

When Atmakarak planet makes an association through placement or by aspect, with below mentioned planets, it forms Rajyog which brings prosperity and brings ease to life.

1. AtmaKarak + Amatya Karak

When atmakarak planet makes a conjunction or aspects the AmatyaKarak, a Rajyog is formed.

2. Atmakarak + Putra Karak

When atmakarak planet makes a conjunction or aspects the PutraKarak, a Rajyog is formed.

3. Atmakarak + DaraKarak

When atmakarak planet makes a conjunction or aspects the DaraKarak, a Rajyog is formed.

4. Atmakarak + 5th Lord

When atmakarak planet makes a conjunction or aspects the 5th Lord of D1, a Rajyog is formed.

These four Rajyogs are formed by the Atmakarak planet, which is not the only 4, because other Karakas also included in forming Rajyog in Jamini Astrology.
After the Rajyog is formed, how much it will be fruitify, it will be seen through “Argala” and “obstructing Argala”, which we can discuss later.
The placement of Atmakarak with respect to AmatyaKarak is most important point to consider, that they should not be 3,6,8,12 from each other.
The placement of Atmakarak planet in the Trik houses, ie 3H,6H,8H,12H is never welcome, which increases the intensity of struggle in life.
Placement of Atmakarak planet in D1 and D9, forms the Karakamsa Kundli and Swamsa Kundli, which will helpful to identify, what is the intensity of wealth, health and prosperity in native’s life.

Different planets as Atmakaraka planet

1. Sun:

When the Sun becomes the soul karaka planet in the birth chart, then the person’s desires are success, self-importance, fame, and power as his soul points to this. For a good spiritual path, the native must renounce ego and behave with humility, and tolerance.

2. Moon:

When the Moon becomes the soul significator, Emotions, happiness, love, and compassion affect the person. Such a person should understand the unknown person and should not trust anyone easily. Learn to differentiate between true and false feelings.

3. Mars:

When Mars is Atmakaraka, there is an inclination towards aggression, passion, and victory. Nature is always aggressive. They should be saved from the illusion of victory and defeat, they should be patient and it would be good for them to avoid violence.

4. Mercury:

When the planet Mercury becomes Atmakaraka and is benefic, then it bestows the person with intelligence and superiority. They have to learn to face the truth in life.

5. Jupiter:

When the Jupiter is Atmakaraka, the soul is inclined toward the elements related to the Guru such as children and spirituality.

6. Venus:

When the Venus is Aatmakaraka, the person is inclined towards relationships, luxury, and sensuality.

7. Saturn:

If the Saturn is Atmakaraka then life is inclined towards duty, democracy, and hard work. Such a person should do the work of removing the misery of other people. The native should work unconditionally and should help others without seeing the benefits. Although Saturn will make the person hardworking, but if it is an afflicted Saturn, the native will become lazy, lethargy etc, which should be strictly avoided.

Disclaimer: As some of the schollars do not accept the theory of 8 planets in Jamini Astrology or do not consider Rahu as Atmakarak, they do not mention anything there. But Sage Jamini has clear instruction, that we need to take Rahu as AK when there is an exception. So, when Rahu becomes the Atmakarak,

8. Rahu:

The native has always a plan in mind and prone to the fall in Mazes. The native should avoid misery, betray others and should avoid liquor consumption, otherwise the Rahu is such a mysterious planet, that it will punish with a great penalty.

Over all, when a natural benefic planet becomes Atmakaraka, the native is inclined to their natural significance. But when it is an Natural malefic planet, the results will come accordingly.


For the Jamini astrology followers, Atmakarak planet is the most vital element for the predictive astrology, just like the importance given to the Ascendant Lord in Vedic astrology. Again, Maharshi Parasar has mentioned in the scripts, Atmakarak planet is more powerful than the Ascendant Lord and AmatyaKarak is more powerful than the Tenth Lord also. So, the soul significator planet from the first day of Mahadasha indicates, how will be the Mahadasha period. From the placement of Atmakarak planet, when we create the Karakamsa and Swamsa Chart, it shows the reality of the chart by manipulating the Arudha and the Sage has mentioned, AK is the King among all to rule over other planets.

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