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Moon and Rahu conjunction in First house

Moon Rahu conjunction


In Astrology, there is special importance to the Moon, which is the nearest and dearest planet to Mother earth. We all know, Moon has special control over water and controls the Water element in astrology & the fastest moving planet among the 9 planets. Moon represents our Mind, Emotions, Left eye, Mother, public all these attributes. Where Rahu, which is the Wittiest planet, controls mysteries, research, illusions,desires,thoughts beyond limits etc and is the Co-Lord of Aquarius. Rahu and Ketu both are the shadow planets, and their existence is a question mark for the Modern science. But Astrology and Numerology both explain them beautifully about their existence in the Solar system. Astrology says, Rahu is the North node of the Moon and Ketu is the South Node, and Numerology says Rahu is the planet Uranus and Ketu is the planet Neptune. So apart from that, let us know what is the effect of Rahu Moon conjunction in the chart.

Moon Rahu conjunction is Good or Bad?

In astrology, there is no such conjunction which has a negative POV and no such conjunction exists which does not have Positivity. Thing is that to channelize the negative conjunction, so it can give the positive results. Now, Moon and Rahu, they both are opposite in nature and Mythology well described about the enmity of Rahu and Moon. Rahu likes the Rajsik planets[Venus and Mercury] and Tamsik planets[Saturn and Mars], but that does not mean Mars can be friend to Rahu, which is a separate story to describe about. Now Moon is the sattwik planet and Rahu is far away from Sattva, but he is the biggest enemy to Moon, now assumption may be there, then it is definitely a bad conjunction. But which is not technically correct.

How Moon Rahu conjunction works ?

Rahu is the planet, with the planet it conjuncts, enhances the power of the planet to 5 times and it does not see in positive way or negative way. Moon is all about emotions, Rahu can make the person highly emotional but all the time make the person to think and continuously gives thoughts into mind, the mind becomes restless.See, Rahu is the desires and Moon is the emotion, in this conjunction, the native will be having strong emotional attachment to fulfil the desires, and when this conjunction is on the 1st House, the intellect is also dominated to fulfil that desire. In this conjunction, the native may think always in a negative way, if the Rashi is not friendly to Rahu and the dispositor is not well placed. But if the dispositor is well placed and the Rashi is friendly to Rahu, then this conjunction can give beyond the limit imagination, which others can ever dream. This can be a conjunction for the planners, creative work, photographers and if Mercury is well placed in the chart can be a writer or a poet. See, Rahu is always beneficial and comfortable for Vrishabh, Mithun, Kanya and Kumbha, somewhere it is also mentioned for Libra. If Rahu is placed in above mentioned Rashis with Moon, then this can be a boon for the native. Moon in the Lagna makes the native look attractive and when Rahu enhances it for 5 times, then imagine the native can create impression on the public of his/her attractive look. But, that does not mean, it can be bad for rest 8 Rashis. If the dispositor of Rahu is somehow is not placed well, it won’t take much time to destroy the house for Rahu. So before drawing any conclusion, consider the dispositor of Rahu or the Asc Lord when we talk about Rahu in 1st house.

Moon Rahu conjunction is always good for Doctors, Psychiatrist, research workers, poet, writers, spy and this conjunction in first house is also good for Kundlini Jagaran for the spiritual practitioners. Rahu is gadget freak, so this makes the native friendly to all kind of gadgets. And if Mars position is good in chart, the native can be a great trouble shooter technically.

This conjunction is considered bad in astrology for many reasons. This conjunction in the chart creates distance from mother and no good relation with mother or motherly figures. A rest less mind through out the day and creates issues for a peaceful sleep. In this conjunction, if 3rd and 12th Lords get associated, then this can bring symptoms for Phobias. This conjunction makes the person always doubtful in nature and unsatisfied throughout the life. This can be a combination of fluctuating mind. In the scriptures, many times it is mentioned as people having Rahu in the Lagna, are new souls taken birth and new for the society, who are actually unknown about the procedures and tradition of the society. Although this can be questionable by the non-believers, but it is always been observed the same.


There is no conjunction which is always bad and there also is no conjunction, which does not have a negative face. So, if you have this conjunction in your chart, then do not take it as a negative point. In this conjunction, spirituality helps a lot. The Meditation helps a lot to stable the mind, but it is Rahu on the Ascendant, it will definitely create problem and wont allow to do the meditation. If you can’t start doing Meditation, first you should do the Yoga, then go for meditation. Rahu in 1st house,5th house,8th house and 9th house, always creates a problem when you think of doing meditation. Chanting the Mantras of Maa Durga and Vishnu Sahasranaam is always benefic when Rahu is on the Lagna. Once you start doing these remedies, once Rahu gets balanced it will behave in positive way and starts to bless. See, Rahu bears no limit, so whatever Rahu can give, no other planets can ever give. Other planets have a limit and work following the process. But there is no barrier for Rahu and for this Materialistic World, Rahu is most important. So, bring Rahu to your side by spirituality and chant Maa Durga Mantra, and experience the change.

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