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Mars Transit in Cancer, 2023

Welcome to the best Astrology blog site, Mars transit in Cancer, effects will be discussed here.

Mars/Mangal is the planet of energy, action, fighter, represents the Protection and considered as the Commander of Solar cabinet.

In kaal purush kundli, Mars is the lord of 1st House & 8th house and Rashi lord of Aries & Scorpio.

Mars changes his rashi in nearly 45 days and its retrogration period is nearly 6 months

Mars transit to Cancer on May 10, 2023 at 1:44 PM

and will remain until July 1st, 2023 at 1:52 PM

Why Mars transit should be consider and why it is more important this time ?

  1. Mars transit should be considered equally important as other Slow moving planets. Mars is the next slower planet after Saturn,Rahu,Ketu and Guru.

  2. Mars transit should not be considered as a standalone transit, but it should be counted with respect to the position of Saturn,Guru,Rahu and Ketu in constellation.

  3. This time Mars is going to debilitated and multiple conjunctions are happening in the Aries Rashi. Majorly the conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu, which is called as Guru-Chandal, is happening in Aries, which is under the lordship of Mars.

  4. The time period of 51 days is important for the health aspect in world level.


  1. The Rahu-Ketu axis lies on Aries and Libra and now Guru has conjoined with Rahu now. Saturn also from Aquarius aspects Aries and majorly at this time, the Lord of Aries is going to be debilitated.

  2. So, majorly health related issues may be seen for Aries Ascendants or Aries Moon.

  3. Mars transit on 4th house, promises related to property,vehicle and land. Mars aspect on 7H, may create some disturbances related to spouse but good for business. Mars aspect on 10H promises some growth in career and work load may increase. Gain in income also may be seen in this period.


  1. Mars Transit on 3rd house being 12th lord promises travel related to foreign, but should be careful in foreign land.Good for taking any initiative

  2. Mars aspect 6H, may clear the disputes and may win over enemies.Good for sportsmen and who are into competitive exam, is a good time for them.

  3. Mars aspects 9H, may create some discrepancy with father for mismatch of mentality. Mars aspects 10H, Taureans have to work hard in this period.


  1. This transit is good for Gemini Moon and Gemini Ascendants. The Lord of 6H is debilitated and the lord of 11H will transit in 2H. This promises wealth, but like at any cost. The flow of income will not stop, and this is best for Gemini. Because 9th and 10th Lord conjuncted in 11H and 11th Lord is in 2nd house.

  2. Mars aspects 5th house, which may not be good for the students and children.

  3. Mars aspect on 8H, sudden gain may happen to Geminians.

  4. Mars aspect on 9H, may not be so good relation with father.Geminians should control their speech.


  1. This transit is not in favour, as Cancer moon are going under Saturn Dhaiya and Cancer Ascendants are going under Astam Shani, and the Guru Chandal Yog is formed in 10th house. And now the Yog karak planet is going to be debilitated.

  2. 10th house is afflicted and 10th lord is getting into debility.

  3. So work load may be high, Cancer people may get heavy work loads. And may face anxiety issues and anger issues.

  4. Should do gymming and exercise this time.

  5. Mars aspects the 4H, which promises some property related work and may be some misunderstanding with mother.

  6. Mars aspects the 7H, which may create some issues in marital life.

  7. Mars aspects 8H, which indicates some gain related to property or children. This may be good for occult practitioners.


  1. The Yog karak planet for Leo is getting debilitated in 12H and mutual Saturn Guru aspect is on Leo Rashi.

  2. Leo Rashi people may get some travel related to foreign or some good results from foreign connection.

  3. Who are trying to go foreign, may try this time, but will face issues in foreign in initial period.

  4. Mars aspect on 3H, can take any initiative to start.

  5. Mars aspect on 6H, is again good for sportsmen, competitive exam preparation.

  6. Mars aspect on 7H may hamper marital bliss.


  1. This transit is in favour for Virgo.

  2. Because Saturn transit on 6H and mars transit on 11H is always appreciated.

  3. Now the 3rd and 8th lord is getting debilitated which indicates easiness for this transit period. Who have planned to visit abroad, in this transit period should avoid travelling.

  4. Mars aspect on 5H, not good for students.

  5. Mars presence on 11H and aspect on 2nd house is good for sudden gain, but have to face obstacles.

  6. Some dispute may occur in family, should control their speech.


  1. The 7th and 2nd lord is going to debility, should be attentive in business and deals.

  2. Should take care of their spouse, health of spouse may be challenging.

  3. Mars aspect on Ascendant, may bring aggression. Should control their aggression. Mars aspect on 4H, some issues may happen related to property,vehicle.

  4. Mars aspect on 5H, may not be good for students. Librans should take care of their children’s health.


  1. This is another bad transit for Scorpio.

  2. Already Scorpions are going under Saturn Dhaiya and now Ascendant Lord is getting debilitated.

  3. But still the transit of Ascendant lord on 9H, can make them luckier.

  4. Health issues may occur in this period.

  5. But this is good time for cracking any competition. Good one for Sportsmen, as the mutual aspect of Saturn and Guru is on 6H and Ascendant Lord transits on the house of Luck.

  6. Mars presence in 9H may create issues with father or fatherly figure.

  7. Mars aspects 12H, which may bring spiritual inclination.

  8. Mars aspect on 3rd house, this time is good to take any initiative, which is related to competition.

  9. Mars aspect on 4H, may create issues with mother/land/property.


  1. Sagittarians just get relief from Saturn sadesati before one month.

  2. For Sagittarius, the 5th and 8th lord is getting into debility in 8H.

  3. This is not a great time for students and children.

  4. Mars aspects 11H and 2H, which may bring sudden gain for Sagittarius.

  5. Mars aspects 3H, which may create issues with younger siblings.


  1. Capricorn Moon are going under 3rd phase of Sadesati, and Mars transit on 7H is not so great.

  2. Being the lord of 4th house and 11th house, Mars transits on 7H into debility.

  3. This can be a good transit for property dealers.

  4. This can bring some fruits related to financial gain also.

  5. But this can bring aggression in this period, so natives should be focused to control their aggression.


  1. Aquarians are going under 2nd phase of sadesati. Now they are getting double transit on 3rd house and 7th house. Mars Transit on 6H can be great.

  2. Mars being the lord of 10th and 3rd will transit on 6H, good for profession. Natives searching for job, may get a job in this period. But this may not be upto their expectation.

  3. People who are into competitive exam or Judicial services, can be a good transit for them.

  4. Issues related to father may be seen because of mentality mismatch.

  5. Aquarians who want to go abroad, can apply in this period as mars aspects on both 9th and 12th house being 3rd lord.

  6. Mars aspect on Asc, can bring aggression and arrogance in behaviour. Should control your anger.


  1. This is not a great transit for Piscians.

  2. 9th and 2nd lord is getting to 5th house but debilitated.

  3. The 2nd house is now afflicted along with the lagnesh.

  4. Now this can be a position for them, where the financial flow will be continuous by any means.

  5. But health related issues, specially stomach related may be seen.

  6. Mars aspect on 11H will be good for gain and mars aspect on 12H,is not great. Specially on health aspect.

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