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Mars Transit in Gemini, 2023

Transit of Mars to Gemini

Mars being the planet of energy, action, protection, masculine, fire will transit to Gemini on March 13, 2023, Monday at 05:33AM. With the retrogression, mars moved to Taurus on November 13, 2022, Sunday at 19:40 and got the progressive motion on January 12, 2023. After the 4 slow moving planets i.e. Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Jupiter, this is the 5th one, a moderate moving planet who changes one zodiac sign in 45 days and covers the complete Zodiac in 18 months. Mars is the ruler of Aries and Scorpio Zodiac as we all know. As this is a time period of 45 days, the transit of Mars should be taken into account, specially for the people who are currently going under “Saturn Sadesati” and “Dhaiya”. Mars retrograde is no exception, as this almost three-month-long retrospection will lead to multiple breakthroughs and a confidence in ourselves. But first, we need to be willing to step up to the plate and do the work. As with all things related to red-hot Mars, when there is no pain, there will be no gain. And because it happens to span throughout the entirety of the holiday season, you can expect the next few months to be incredibly unpredictable. But now the planet has taken the progressive motion towards Gemini and will enter the Sign on March 13, 2023, Monday at 05:33. Transit of Mars in Gemini will have varying effects on different zodiac signs based on the particular signification of different planets on each zodiac sign. Let us read the effects of Transit of Mars in all the 12 Zodiac signs. Effect of Mars Transit in Gemini on Aries

Mars' transit in your third house will bring benefic results for Aries Moon/Aries Ascendants, as their determination and courage will increase, and they will be able to complete their work with their courage and effort.

Both businessmen and working professionals will face disputes, as Mars aspects the 10H.

With this transit, Ariens will be able to overpower your enemies, but will not be able to harm also.

Probabilities of any judicial disputes will be in favour.

Transit of Mars, will also give exciting travels.

Effects of Mars Transit in Gemini on Taurus

Mars being the 7th and 12Th Lord will transit on 2nd House for Taureans. As Mars gets into your second house, you will be successful in the accumulation of wealth.

Mars transit will be on 2H for Taureans, so they should have control on their tongue.

Advise them to practice yoga or exercise. Getting into a business partnership will be lucrative for you during this transit.

Also, your financial position will improve but loss and expenditure may happen along with.

Taureans can expect an increase in their income, whereas people in business will profit from abroad.

Nevertheless, you need to control your words during this transit and make sure that you do not rebuke anyone, being emotional.

Mars from 2H, will aspect the 5H also. So special care should be taken for children.

Effects of Mars Transit in Gemini on Gemini

Mars transit will be in Gemini sign, means for Geminians, first or ascendant house, which means that transit's effects will be more on Geminians than others.

change in nature will be seen on Geminians from the beginning of this transit as your temperament can overpower you. Native of Gemini Moon or Gemini Ascendants, should control their temperament in this period, else as Mars is the 6th Lord, can bring disputes for them.

Geminians, should take their actions very carefully. Think twice before you take any action during this transit.

Mars aspect on 4H, indicates special care should be taken for mother and careful from the vehicle and four footed animals.

11th Lord transit on 1st house, Geminians will focus on their increasing income and income will increase also.

Effects of Mars Transit in Gemini on Cancer

This transit is not in support for Cancerians, as Mars moves into your twelfth house. Currently “Saturn Dhaiya” is going on for Cancer Moon and Mars transit on 12th house, will be unfavourable. Which indicates physical and family problems, dispute with siblings.

Mars aspect on 6H, is good for the students and sportsmen to click any competition.

Mars aspect on 7H, may create issue with the spouse and business partner.

Along with all these, Mars may create some situation to go to abroad also.

Effects of Mars Transit in Gemini on Leo

Mars transit in your 11th House indicates good position in terms of wealth accumulation and wish fulfilment. Being, the lord of 4H and 9H, transit will be in 11H, directs to gain in income.

This transit is not favourable for love relations because Mars aspects the 5H. there is a probability of getting into a quarrel with the loved one. Long travels will be beneficial for you during this time.

Property related business will be profitable this time.

Mars aspect on 6H, may overpower the enemies, but relax, enemies will be diminished also.

This transit of Mars, is specially in favour of the Leos.

Effects of Mars Transit in Gemini on Virgo

Mars Transit on 10H for Virgo Ascendants and Virgo Moon, which is in favour of career growth for profession and career for Virgoans.

Many Virgo natives will witness a quick jump in their careers, and those still looking for a job will succeed.

Be aware of any conspiracy in office matter.

Virgoans have to witness some problem with mother, family, loved ones and children and lack of peace in this period, as Mars aspects 4th and 5th House.

Effects of Mars Transit in Gemini on Libra

Mars being 2nd and 7th lord transits on 9H for Librans, which shows a good growth in savings.

Any work related or business-related trip will also be witnessed.

Some disputes with father may be seen in this period due to mismatch of ideology. Avoid quarrel with father. This may be solved after the transit of Mars to the next sign.

This is also a good time for increase in social status.

Effects of Mars Transit in Gemini on Scorpio

Mars being the sign Lord will transit on 8H for the Scorpions, which is not great transit for them. And “Saturn Dhaiya” is also running, so Scorpions will be in a position, where they should take care of themselves at their best.

Problems and accidents may be there, so carelessness should be avoided.

Along with that, sudden gains may be there, as the sign lord placed in 8H aspects the 2H and 11H.

Argument with spouse and family members may happen, avoid such things.

Scorpions will be able to repay their debts during this transit.

Effects of Mars Transit in Gemini on Sagittarius

Mars being 5th and 12th Lord will transit on 7H for Sagittarians, which is indicator of foreign travel, good for Love affairs but bad position for marital life.

There will be slight aggression in your spouse's nature during this transit, which can distance you and your spouse.

Mars aspects your Sign directly, which will bring aggression to Sagittarians, so think twice before any decision.

This transit is again good for wealth accumulation and promotion in career.

Effects of Mars Transit in Gemini on Capricorn

Mars being the 4th and 11th Lord transits on 6H for Capricornians, which indicates success in legal matters and win over the enemies.

Mars aspect on the sign, indicates lose in temperament and should avoid disputes.

Mars aspect on 12H for Capricornians, expenses may increase.

Work related travels may be in this period.

Some challenges with the father may be seen.

For the students who are preparing for any competitive exam or sportsmen, may be benefited in this time period.

Currently Capricorn Moon sign people are going under 3rd phase of “Saturn Sadesati”, and at this time Mars transit on 6H is likely to blessing win over the enemies and to crack any competition, although expenses will be increased.

Effects of Mars Transit in Gemini on Aquarius

This time is quite critical for Aquarians. Aquarius Moon sign people are under 2nd phase of “Saturn sadesati” and now Mars Transit on 5H, will create problems in love life or have struggle for it.

Aquarians should take better care of their children and loved ones.

Mars aspect on

You may come across some problems in your love life because Mars transits in your fifth house.

Working professionals will get a chance to join a new organization during this transit.

This is a good time to make public image.

Those who are into technical creative field, this transit will be good.

Effects of Mars Transit in Gemini on Pisces

For Pisces Mars being 9th and 2nd Lord , will transit on 4H, will give a mixed kind of result.

Disturbance in family life and arguments with spouse may be seen. Misunderstands may be seen in this period also.

Special care for mother is suggested for Piscians.

Pisces moon people are currently going under 1st phase of “Saturn sadesati” and now mars transit on 4th house is not favourable.

Piscians should be careful while driving.

This transit will be profitable for working professionals, although they have to work hard, but gain will be a sure shot, as mars aspects both 10H and 11H

Mars transit, also known as the happiness house, will give mixed results to Pisceans.

Those who are into property related or vehicle related business, a good time for them.

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